Pink Pin Bowl 2019


Get your ball ready, your best bowling gear on—it’s time to support Cool Girls with the annual Pink Pin Bowl. Aren’t much of a bowler, don’t know your strike from spare? No worry—the goal here is to have fun and raise funds.  Pink Pin Bowl puts the FUN in fundraising.  Don’t be a gutter ball—help support Cool Girls while we change the world, one girl at a time.  
Event Overview: 

Get ready to roll some strikes for Cool Girls on October 13th, 2019 at Midtown Bowl!

Here’s what’s new, what’s better, and what’s back by popular demand:   

 ·         Individuals can fundraise by creating their own supporter page or by creating their own team

 ·        To be on a team, your company/organization must sponsor a lane or the overall event.

·        Every team will have a chance to set up an individual webpage to fundraise easily. No need to hassle your friends to get their checks—now we can process payments through your webpage. Want to know how your corporate team is doing? It’s simple,  just log onto your webpage and monitor your progress! The Big Pink Pin can also visit your office to promote your team fundraising webpage and the overall mission of Cool Girls.  

·        It’s all about team work!  The highest raising corporate team will get a chance to win the Big Pink Pin Trophy.  You will get to host this amazing trophy all year!  Show off your team’s amazing trophy at board meetings, staff meetings, and other office events! Your accomplishment will be all yours until the next Pink Pin Bowl.  
Note: Sponsorship donations aren’t credited to overall team fundraising 
·        The overall team who rolls the highest score will win the Big Bowler trophy. 

Nothing is cooler than Cool Girls and Pink Pin.  So, grab your ball, go for the bragging rights, and see if you can roll a strike.  Help us roll on as we change the world, one girl at a time